2 Wog Girls Cleaning Services

2 Wog Girls Cleaning Services

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2 Wog Girls Cleaning is Brisbane's 5-STAR homemaking service based on the exceptional customer service and cleaning services that only Wog Girls can provide.

We don’t mind having a laugh at our own cultural stereotype because we know that being a ‘wog woman’ has some really positive connotations:

We’re exceptionally house proud – clean, tidy and well-maintained houses are all we know.

We’re detail-oriented and highly confident – we make things happen, and we do it well (just ask us! – haha).

We have strong family values, ‘we clean justa lika mumma taught us!’

We see how in these times, busy professionals don’t have the time to do all the things that are needed, we understand that you want your house to feel homely, you just don’t have time to do it all!

We keep pace with current ‘best practices in cleaning technology, such as using environmentally friendly cleaning products (the ones that work), and microfibre cloths, but still use some traditional chemicals as well, where anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hygiene standards are of utmost importance.

Melina Graham

The Original Wog Girl

Melina Graham is a ‘Wog Girl’ through and through.

Born in Australia with an Italian heritage, Mel grew up learning exactly how to maintain a house and create that welcome-home feel. Most weekends involved cleaning her room to her Mama’s high standards, and being chased with the wooden spoon if she missed a spot!

Mel is a busy Mum of three and has a background in HR. She is a people person and is detail-oriented, with a passion for exceptional customer service.

After searching for rental properties for a friend, she noticed the standards of properties were not what she was used to. She was concerned that people were so time poor that they couldn’t make their own houses into homes. So she decided to change the face of cleaning, and 2 Wog Girls Cleaning was born!

2 Wog Girls Cleaning Services
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