Commercial & Construction Strata Cleaning

Commercial & Construction Strata Cleaning

2 Wog Girls Cleaning is a leading Strata cleaning service in QLD, SA and NSW, including Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.

There are many cleaning jobs that need to be done when cleaning strata properties. There are many things to clean: floors, walls, ceilings; windows; car parks; lawns and roofs.

It is difficult to find a company capable of handling all these tasks. Because of our size, we have an advantage that is hard to match.

We can clean your larger premises at a price that will surprise you, even if they are larger than usual.

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Our experience in strata cleaning has been extensive. We are able to provide services in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Our cleaners are all fully trained and have been police-checked to ensure your safety. Our cleaners are reliable, punctual and fully insured. We are also affordable.

Costs for strata cleaning vary depending on the size of the building, its quantity, and whether there are any facilities. These numbers are more important than the cost of cleaning. Higher cleaning costs will be incurred for buildings with pools than for those without.

Common services offered by commercial and strata cleaning companies include:

  • Sealing various floor surfaces with buffing, stripping, and sealing
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets
  • All light bulbs and fittings must be changed
  • Verify that your emergency lights are in good working order and are clean
  • Stairways and walkways can be cleaned and disinfected
  • Cleaning the common area and exterior windows
  • Garbage bins can be taken out and washed
  • Pruning and gardening

Due to their special care, heritage buildings often have higher costs. Modern buildings can have higher costs and better facilities than older buildings.

Why choose 2 Wog Girls Strata commercial cleaning services?

Safety & Health:

Common spaces are used a lot more than usual, which is why they get so dirty quickly. You can’t afford to pay someone to clean your open spaces. This will make them unsafe and negatively impact your health. It is possible to hire someone to clean the open spaces on a regular basis. You can hire someone to clean open spaces on a regular basis, as a lot of people use them every day.

Buffing, Stripping & Sealing:

You must consider the floor type before you perform any buffing, stripping, or sealing. Professional skills are required to properly treat floors and understand their types. Another reason to hire strata cleaners is this. Sometimes, self-cleaning is not enough to do a good job of proper cleaning.

Professional Strata , Commercial & Construction Strata Cleaning

Commercial cleaning and strata services are available for professional cleaning and repair of commercial spaces. Strata cleaning is essential to ensure the best cleaning of your commercial space or building. Unprofessional cleaners can cause damage to your building equipment.

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